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Commissioners continue with exploring options

On behalf of the District's Board of Fire Commissioners, I want to thank all individuals who participated in our Regular Board Meeting on Tuesday, November 9th. The input and discussion regarding the ongoing exploration of options the Board is considering were robust. The District's volunteers, staff, and community members raised many good points that need further contemplation at the policy level.

With Chief Morrow now having a complete job offer from Central Pierce Fire & Rescue, and a start date with that District of December 1st, the Board will consider the appropriate actions required to ensure continuity of operations for our District. These actions may include making temporary appointments for existing staff, developing contractual arrangements with other Districts for temporary administrative oversight, or combining both. The Board may also choose to start the process of replacing Chief Morrow. Executing any of the options mentioned above will take time, but the District has very competent staff that will maintain our operations while we go through this process.

I do want to encourage community members to engage with the Board during this process. Your input is essential to these decisions and the outcomes that will follow.

Please join us at our next Regular Board Meeting, where we will continue discussing what is next for how we structure administrative oversight of the District.

The next meeting is on November 23rd at 5:00 PM via Zoom. The link to the meeting can be found on District's website.

Stan Moffett

Board Chair

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