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A Word from the Board Chair

Over the last few weeks and months, there has been much conversation on social media and other meeting venues regarding this board and this fire district.

Much of that has been speculation, conjecture, inaccurate information, and in many cases deception, disinformation, and distortion. I want to say that this board, to a member, takes its community and fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. We have been working over the last several years in putting together a future vision of where this district needs to be in taking care of the community and its citizens.

While the last four years have been fraught with unexpected hurdles this board and department has had to overcome, we now have a completed proposed capital improvement plan that outlines some options for the community to consider, and a future projection on our financial status. Once the remaining parts are completed in the next several months, a proposed overall strategic plan will be further refined via board meetings and community town halls. This will give you, the taxpayer and local citizen, the opportunity to express your opinions on where and how the district should proceed in addressing future impacted demographic needs and environmental changes.

While we have seen some turmoil in the department, I do want everyone to know that Key Peninsula Fire District 16 has been and remains one of the finest departments in the state. And through all of this, our wonderful career firefighters and volunteers have been steadfast in taking care of the community, day in and day out. And for that, we have much to be thankful for.

I also want everyone to know that the will of the community will ultimately determine our path to the future.

Stan Moffett

October 24, 2023

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