District Fire Commissioners

Board Chair- Stan Moffett

Term of Office: 2016 – 2021

Stan was elected to a 6 year term in January 2016. He moved to Key Peninsula full-time in 2010 after having purchased vacation property in 2007. He currently lives in Lakebay. Stan graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Economics. After working for a large food management company for 20 years, he co-purchased a small restaurant company in the Seattle area. In 2012 he sold his company and retired. Stan’s interests include his four grandsons, gardening, his ‘37 Oldsmobile and various house hold building projects. Prior to being elected to commissioner, he attended most commission meetings and was a member of the Citizens Advisory Panel for the fire district over the last 3 years. He also has interest in other local community affairs including Key Pen Parks.

Stan’s goals for the fire department include better communications with the peninsula’s citizenry on the role and importance of the department as well as ensuring responsible, efficient and compassionate delivery of services.

Board Vice Chair- Frank Grubaugh

Term of Office: 2020 - 2025

Frank was elected to the Key Peninsula Board of Fire Commissioners in 2011. He moved to the Key Peninsula in August of 2006 and currently lives in Lakebay. Frank is a graduate of the University of Washington with a B.A. in Business Administration. He served four years with the Coast Guard, worked as an investment advisor, and as manager of a Seattle waterfront restaurant. He went to work with Toyota in the Seattle area and retired from his position as a Service Advisor/Manager after 28 years. Frank is a member of the Key Peninsula Historical Society, Friends of the Library and the Key Peninsula Business Association. He also enjoys gardening, camping and fishing. Frank’s ultimate retirement goals include an Alaskan cruise and visiting as many National Parks as possible with his wife in their RV.

As a Commissioner, Frank wants to communicate with our citizens about the value they receive from their Fire Department, as well as be responsive to their concerns and work cooperatively toward community-oriented solutions.

Commissioner- Shawn Jensen

Term of Office: 2018 - 2023

Shawn was appointed by the Board of Fire Commissioners in October of 2016 to fill a vacancy on the board. Prior to his appointment to the board, he was a member of the Citizens Advisory Panel for the fire district for two years and served as it's Secretary in 2016. Shawn has lived on the Key Peninsula since 1993 with his wife and their six kids. Shawn is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and is a principal at an award-winning landscape architecture firm in Tacoma. He also serves as an elected Parks Commissioner for the Key Peninsula Metropolitan Park District having been elected in November of 2015.


Shawn enjoys all aspects of our beautiful outdoors from hiking/walking at our beautiful local parks, to fishing local rivers and riding ATV's on the Oregon Coast dunes. As a Fire Commissioner Shawn hopes to encourage public involvement in supporting the valuable service provided by the professionals in our Fire Department.

Commissioner- Sheila Niven

Term of Office: 2016 - 2021

Sheila was appointed to the Board of Fire Commissioners in 2008 when the Board expanded from three to five members. She was elected in 2009 to fill a six-year term beginning in January of 2010, then re-elected in 2014 for another 6 years beginning in 2015. Sheila has lived on the Key Peninsula since 1987, residing in both the Vaughn and Longbranch areas. Sheila served as a volunteer member of the Key Peninsula Fire Department in the 1990’s, and once earning her nursing degree, helped manage the fire department immunization program. Sheila currently works within a large hospital system as a manager of emergency services and the IV Therapy/SWAT teams. As a Commissioner, she brings leadership experience to the table in working with budgets, personnel management and contract negotiations. Sheila enjoys equestrian activities with her horse, traveling the globe and volunteering as a nurse on humanitarian missions to Peru. 

Sheila’s goal as a Fire Commissioner is to engage participation by the Key Peninsula citizens and fire department members; this engagement is essential to evaluating current fire department systems and budgets in order to streamline and deliver quality patient care and fire services.

Commissioner- Keith Davies

Term of Office: 2018 - 2023

The Board of Fire Commissioners initially appointed Keith in February of 2011 and then was elected to fill a 6-year term beginning in January 2012 and then again in January 2018. 

Keith has lived on the Key Peninsula since1997 and currently resides in the Wauna area.  He began his work in the fire service with Gig Harbor Fire and Medic One as a volunteer firefighter in 1979.  He accepted a job working as a firefighter on Subase Bangor for 14 months before returning to Gig Harbor Fire in November of 1986 and retiring from there in June of 2015. 

Keith showed a passion for technical rescue and, as a driver-operator, earned a position of Driver for WA-TF1, the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue team, based in Pierce County.

Keith is committed to establishing a relationship of trust with the Key Peninsula Community.  He believes in being transparent and spending time to educate our citizens about the challenges facing the fire department.


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