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Citizen's Advisory Panel

Citizen's Advisory Panel


The Citizen's Advisory Panel (CAP) is comprised of up to 10 volunteer community members from the Key Peninsula who want to participate in public service through involvement with the District as an appointed member of the CAP.

The CAP provides an invaluable service to the District's Board by advising on a variety of subjects which aids the Fire Commissioners and the Fire Chief in their decision-making process. These include engagement on current and future deployment, financial considerations such as Levy's and Bonds,  and creative suggestions for sustaining and/or improving the delivery of Fire District services to the greater Key Peninsula Community.

The District benefits from the viewpoints of CAP members who are persons of wide-ranging interest who can provided feedback from another perspective on issues that face the District which might not otherwise be heard.

CAP members aid the Fire District in communicating the District's purposes and programs to the community increasing the visibility, credibility, and importance of the District, and its services, to the citizens of the Key Peninsula.

The CAP generally meets once a month at one of the District's fire stations.


Current CAP members include:

The most recent CAP Meeting Minutes are linked here.

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