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That time of year.....

I always know when we are truly into the fall and winter seasons. My email, text messages, and phone start to blow up with our partners' notifications at County Emergency Management and the National Weather Service. These partnerships allow the District to remain informed about detailed weather-related information that may impact our community and the District's Operations. I am grateful they take the time to provide us with multi-day forecasts, detailed analysis via micro-forecasts, and of course, all the amazing graphics that go along with it all.

Budget Season

It is the District's budget season, and the staff has been hectic assembling what looks to be like another opportunity to move the organization forward. Our Board of Fire Commissioners has had their first look at our proposals and have provided favorable feedback. If approved, the District will hire four additional Firefighter/Paramedics (two to replace anticipated retirements and two to add to the roster), six Volunteer Firefighters, and a handful more Support Volunteers. The District will add to its fleet and continue to repair and maintain its facilities. I would encourage each of you to take the opportunity to review the entire budget document once it is posted on the District's website. There is considerable information within the document that shares insights into the current and anticipated progress of the District.

COVID-19 Continues

Unfortunately, the outbreak continues. The District has done an amazing job of managing its finances and operations throughout the outbreak. To say our plans for 2020 were altered is a gross understatement. Nonetheless, the District has continued to provide all of its core services, has managed to be successful in gaining local, state, and federal reimbursements for COVID-19 related expenses, and has been very responsive about making sure all of the District's PPE is stocked back to a level that our community originally funded before COVID-19. With the latest restrictions, the District has needed to close all public spaces again and put in place the last aspect of our employee safety plan, which includes some of our responders utilizing Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR's). If you see some of your First Responders running around in crazy looking gear, know it's still your firefighters and paramedics inside.

Incident Counts

It appears that we will be on track in 2020 to have a higher incident count than we did in 2019. Below you can see a rolling twelve-month incident set representing the last quarter of 2019 and the first three quarters of 2020.

Thursday continues to be our busiest day, even though most incidents are largely spread evenly across all seven days of the week. The District continues to have time per incident of just over an hour. This accounts for the time between dispatch and the time the last unit clears the incident.

Here is hoping that all of you have a wonderful holiday season.

Stay safe!

Chief Morrow

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