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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The District is always looking for creative ways to meet our mission of serving the community. As we have shared in previous communications the District received grant funds from Elevate Health last year. These grant funds are to be used to assist those individuals within the District that frequently use our services but may not be experiencing a significant emergency.

When the District explored the data, we realized that many of these individuals needing assistance were those 65 and older. Also, it supported what we experienced at the time of providing service. The incident results in a fall from a slip, or an individual needed assistance moving from a chair to the bed. Other times, it is merely helping those that are partially mobile navigate around their home.

The District realizes everyone's health is of such importance, especially as we age. We also recognize the need to and support aging in place. We enjoy the opportunity to be supportive during this phase of life.

There are situations, however, when the home environment may not be conducive to aging in place. The current space could be too dangerous or unsuitable for an older adult's health needs and physical capabilities. These spaces may prove too challenging to navigate even with a caregiver or family member.

With the grant funds provided by Elevate Health, we can support those wishing to remain at home during their golden years. This support is especially true when delivering the right solutions like grab bars, raised toilet seats, debris removal, wheelchair ramps, and more. The District is grateful to be part of a solution that allows our seniors to experience the very best of life while staying in a familiar, comfortable, and safe environment.

This past month, the District partnered with the Key Peninsula Lions Club to carry out several projects. Immediately we could see the positive impact our efforts had made. For six community members, it will decrease their need to access our much busier 911 resources.

As the pictures show, we were engaged in everything from grab bar installations to rotted deck and step repair. Throw in some power washing to minimize slipping, and it was a full two days of work. We were all humbled by the gratitude expressed by those served.

Yes, this may not seem like typical fire service work, but we think it is exemplary work. Work that allows us to prevent accidents before they occur. Work that improves living conditions. Work that enhances safety. Work that demonstrates using grant funds in impactful ways. Work that keeps our 911 resources as available as possible for true life-threatening emergencies. And, of course, work that strengthens our bond to the amazing Key Peninsula Community.

The District is discussing additional funding options with Elevate Health in 2021. We hope to be successful in our grant request again this year. The funding allows us to offer the best possible service to our community, even if those services show up in non-traditional ways.

The District wants to thank the Key Peninsula Lions Club for helping make all of this work not only fun but rewarding.

Anne Nesbit- Public Information Officer

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