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New Interim Chief Named

As many of you may know, at the December 14th Regular Board Meeting, the Commissioners placed Interim Fire Chief Hal Wolverton on administrative leave pending investigation regarding alleged complaints.

The decision to take this action was very difficult for each Commissioner, but is based upon the direction recommended by Legal Council after meeting in executive Session. This is not a punitive measure but a process needed to move forward.

In addition, Chief Jason Learned will be temporarily appointed as Interim Fire Chief for the District. Chief Learned will have the full authority of the Fire Chiefs position and will continue with the critical initiatives underway. The Board will continue to provide direction to Chief Learned, helping shape the organization's steps forward.

The focus is on maintaining stability to the organization.

Captain Robert Bosch will be temporarily appointed as the Division Chief of EMS and Training. Division Chief Bosch will have full authority of the position and will be expected to continue with the ongoing EMS and Training efforts that the District has underway.

The Assistant Chiefs position will remain unfilled until further information is received and evaluation completed. The Board may make additional temporary appointments but will not make those until after the New Year or until such time that Chief Learned identifies an immediate need.

It is important to understand that all District personnel remain focused on the primary mission, to serve the public, and is not altered in any way.

Should you have specific questions regarding this communication, please contact me.

Stan Moffett

Key Peninsula Fire Dept (PCFD 16)

Fire Commissioner (position # 2)


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