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Additional Planning & Property Exploration

For months, the District has been diligently working on many planning processes, including updating long-range financial plans, deployment plans, capital facilities needs, and more to ensure that we are well-positioned for the service demands of today and beyond.

As part of these planning processes, the District's Board of Fire Commissioners has engaged community members with available land in areas that the District deploys resources during emergency responses. One of those areas is within Key Center.

The District is currently engaged in studying three parcels that have been made available and may serve well to site District facilities in the future. All three properties have contiguous boundaries and adjoin the Sunnycrest Nursery property.

The District uses a host of public entity pathways to complete the due diligence expected by our community. These include using first right of refusal agreements, purchase and sales agreements, and contracting with architectural and engineering firms to confirm if any of the properties are viable for future District and community needs.

While no decisions have been made about using these locations, the District actively engages in the process, which naturally creates questions and comments throughout the community.

The District believes strongly in a transparent public process. Should any community member have questions about these planning processes or other activities of the District, please reach out directly to one of our five Fire Commissioners, or email me directly at You are also welcome to call 253-884-2222 or stop by the Key Center Fire Station and connect in person.

Stay safe!

Chief Morrow

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